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Kohoku NewTown Mezonhujinokidai


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団地配置図  /  周辺写真  等


Location Kanagawa-ken,Yokohama-shi, Tsuzuki-ku, Chigasaki-minam 4-12
Transportation Yokohama Subway Blueline「Center-Minami」staion 12 min walk
Yokohama Subway Greenline「Center-minami」station 12 min walk
Year built H1.3(1989.3)~H2.4(1990.4)
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Number of Available rooms Number of Available Rooms: For availability, please contact us by email ( either in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean or Japanese.
Monthly Rent(yen) 92,800~188,100
Monthly Maintenance Fee(yen) 3,700
Car Parking Car Parking:Parking lot information is available upon request.

Merits of UR Housing
1) No Guarantor Needed
2) No Key Money
3) No Commission Fee
4) No Renewal Fee

Initial Payment
Prorated daily rent + Prorated daily maintenance fee + 2 months rent for security deposit = TOTAL
*Only two months or one month deposit is required during UR’s campaign seasons. However, this campaign is not applicable to all UR apartments. Please contact us for more details.

*From April 2014, “Tax Declaration Certificate(Kazeishoumeisho)” is required for the contract, as long as "Certificate of Income(Gensenchoushuhyo)" and "Certificate of Residence(Juminhyo)".

In case you cannot obtain “Tax Declaration Certificate” since you are a newly graduate or a new comer to Japan,
please submit the following alternatives.

Newly Graduate: Certificate of Graduation
New Comer to Japan: Tax Declaration Certificate in your home country

Floor Plan Application Category Floor Area(m2 Rent(yen) Maintenance Fee(yen) Number of Rooms
1LDK+S 582BA 56 2,800 3,700 1
2DK 582BD 61 111,900~114,900 3,700 20
2LDK 582CA 56~70 98,300~141,100 3,700 81
3DK 582CB 61 103,500~116,600 3,700 26
3LDK 582D 65~77 116,400~169,800 3,700 238
4DK 582DJ 76~83 150,600~156,300 3,700 5
4LDK 582DK 79~100 129,100~188,100 3,700 85


Popular properties go quickly!
Call us to make a reservation today.[Hours] 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.  Phone: 048-795-7320

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