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But there is a possiblity that our response might delay depending on the # of inquiries.
Thank you very much for your kind understanding in advance.

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Handling of Personal Information

We will respect privacy of our customers and take sufficient measures to manage and protect it.

【Purpose of Using Personal Information】

  •  a) To provide our customers the services they request
  •  b) To reply to our customers' inquiry
  • We shall never use the obtained information for any other purpuse than above mentioned purposes without the permission of the person himself.
  • We will take necessary measures to prevent the information from leaking.
    and we will monitor not only our employees but also cosigned businesses.
  • We shall never disclose the information without the permission of the person himself.
  • We will disclose the information on the request of the person himself.
  • If the disclosed information is not correct, we will rectify or delete on request.
  • We will deal with any compaints regarding the handling of personal information duly and swiftly.

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