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 UR apartments always look out for the residents.

笑顔の家族UR housing is a type of rental accommodation that does not require any key money, renewal fee, or agency commission. It was previously called public housing (kodan jutaku) and accepts residents on a first-come, first-served basis.
There are currently over 760,000 UR housing units nationwide, and they are entirely built and managed by the former Japan Housing Corp., which is now called the Urban Renaissance Agency.

2ヶ月分を必要とされる礼金がかかりません。 ■更新料0円・・・・・・・約2年ごとに賃料の約1~
2ヶ月分必要となる更新料も、UR賃貸住宅なら不要です。 ■仲介手数料0円・・・・不動産会社を介すと発生する、賃料の約1ヶ月分の仲介手数料も必要ありません。 ■保証人不要・・・・・・・契約の際の保証人も不要。契約者ご自身の審査だけで借りていただけます。

On all UR apartments, there is no need to pay key money, agent commissions and renewal fees, or have a guarantor at the time of lease signing—all of which are generally required when renting privately owned rental housing.
In addition, UR apartments are built in compliance with all of the safety rules for earthquake and fire protection, thanks to its construction and management in pursuit of reassurance, safety, and comfort as a part of the government project established in 1955. UR housing is highly beneficial as just described and will continue to support people's lives and be on the side of residents.

 UR housing is highly beneficial as just described and will continue to support people's lives and be on the side of residents.

Pursuing reassurance, safety, and comfort

UR housing stands on reliability that has been established over 50 years since 1955. All of the accommodation units are built with best suited structures and reliable construction methods found after years of research, providing absolute safety and ease even housing structures not visible externally. In addition, centering on older buildings, UR apartment buildings are given thorough evaluations of seismic capacity, and nearly 88% of the buildings with potential risks of collapsing have been reinforced with anti-seismic structures, added to which are fire prevention measures, giving thorough safety management of potential emergency situations.
UR housing, at all times, continues to protect the well-being of people in pursuit of reassurance, safety, and comfort.

耐震診断の徹底 防火対策の徹底

UR Rental Housing always pursues ”comfortable, safe, and pleasant housing” and  promotes pleasant  environment for all residents.

Moreover, UR Rental Housing takes the family and resident's lifestyle into considerration  and offers a lot of great favors.

UR Rental Housing has many great favors for current and future residents. This is an ideal Rental system for both individual customers and corporate customers.

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Free of charge
No agent commission required.Moving Made EasyReservation agent services

From move-in to move-out, UR housing offers numerous merits!
About UR housing

UR housing accommodates a wide variety of housing needs, such as urgent move-in/out and reduced rent.
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