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Reservation Agency Services

I’m too busy to make time for apartment hunting”
”I don’t know how to reserve a property listed for UR housing”
”I want to talk to an expert before applying for UR housing”
”I tried to make a reservation on my own but was not successful

スタッフ Have you ever experienced anything like these before? We at Bridge Life provide excellent agent services to accommodate the needs of those who have trouble making a reservation and the leasing process of UR apartments. We serve as an intermediary between customers and the Urban Renaissance Agency to make the reservation process go smoothly. We also welcome consultations and provide advice even when you have not found a property yet. Let us help you find your new home so you can move in to the apartment that matches your desire.

We accompany for room viewing for free of charge. We are certified UR apartment mediator and we do not take any fee from our customer whatsoever.

Benefits of using our reservation agent services

手続きイメージWe serve as an intermediary between customers and the Urban Renaissance Agency so that you can rely on us when you are too busy to follow the process, and you never have to worry about falling behind schedule throughout the process.
What is more, you can always ask us if you have any questions or concerns when following the process. We can help by minimizing the time, effort, and mental burden associated with the process, compared to following the process on your own.

Reservation agent services, property showing, and leasing process support services are provided at free of charge.

スタッフイメージReservation agent services, showing properties and leasing process support services for UR apartments provided by Bridge Life are absolutely free of charge.
Please rest assured that we will not charge any cancellation fees if you cancel the service without leasing an apartment.
We always strive to provide our customers with kind and courteous reservation agent services to build a bridge between our customers and UR housing.

Free of charge
No agent commission required.Moving Made EasyReservation agent services

From move-in to move-out, UR housing offers numerous merits!
About UR housing

UR housing accommodates a wide variety of housing needs, such as urgent move-in/out and reduced rent.
Wise use of UR housing

Procedures from application to move-in

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