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Do I have to win the drawing in order to lease UR housing?
No, not necessarily. Only a certain number of UR apartments, which include newly built apartments and the Superior Rental Housing Project for Senior Citizens, use drawings to select tenants. Most of the UR apartments accept applications on a first-come, first-served basis. So, please take your time and look for the reliable property that matches your housing needs.
What procedures do I have to follow from application to move-in?
Here is a basic run-down of the procedures:
Selection of apartment --> Application --> Viewing --> Submission of necessary paperwork including a tenancy application form --> Lease signing --> Move-in. Additionally, as a general rule, tenants must move in within a month of the available date of move-in.
Can I apply for several properties at the same time?
Unfortunately, the Urban Renaissance Agency does not allow applying for multiple properties at a time. You may apply for only one unit per household.
Can I arrange for a property viewing before submitting an application?
Yes. Some of the apartment complexes have showrooms that underwent renovation for those who are considering leasing. However, not all of the apartment complexes have a showroom. First of all, please feel free to make an inquiry. Also, you are certainly welcome to arrange a viewing even after submitting an application. After viewing, you may cancel at anytime if it is different from what you imagined.
Can I pay my monthly rent and common-area fee for a UR apartment with a credit card?
No. Credit cards are not accepted at this time. Please be reminded that the monthly rent and common-area fee can be paid through a designated financial institution of the Urban Renaissance Agency. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding payment, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Is it possible to update old housing equipment?
Yes. Mainly rental housing built in the period from 1965 to 1974 is eligible for updating equipment, such as functional improvement of bathroom fixtures. Please be reminded that the monthly rent will increase after making improvements.
Does UR housing provide a good Internet connection?
Yes. The maintenance work is underway in order of precedence. Types of a broadband Internet connection include LAN, VDSL, ADSL, and CATV. However, we do not provide any support related to the Internet, so please be reminded that you have to contact the Internet service provider and follow the necessary procedures on your own in order to hook up the Internet.
Are there any pet-friendly apartments available for UR housing?
Yes. There are some pet-friendly apartments available for UR housing. To move in with your pet, you have to submit an acknowledgement letter observing the rules of keeping pets in the dwelling at the same time as the conclusion of the lease contract. In addition, there is a pet club composed of pet owners as a place for exchanging information and communicating with other residents, and it is mandatory for pet owners to join the club especially those who have a dog or cat.
What procedures do I have to follow to lease UR apartments for corporate housing?
Let us be your partner in finding UR apartments available for corporate housing. We recommend that you contact us first as there are some apartment complexes not available for a corporate contract. In addition, we will offer an explanation about the procedures in detail because the paperwork necessary for the lease process differs from personal use.

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