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UR housing has many convenient systems to meet the diversification of modern lifestyles and various housing needs. We hope you find a system that matches your lifestyle to make the most for your day-to-day life in the future.

Deposit installment payment system

In most cases, leasing a UR apartment usually requires a security deposit that is three months' worth of rent, but if you put in an application during the campaign period*, it requires you to pay only a month's worth of rent as the security deposit at the time of lease signing. The rest of the security deposit, which is two months' worth of rent, can be paid in installments one and two years later, allowing you to take some of the financial burden off of you at move in.

Special offer for security deposit to pay two months' worth of rent

Besides the above deposit installment payment system, there are some properties with a special offer to let you move in with a security deposit that is two months' worth of rent during the campaign period*. We encourage you to consider checking out the properties with the special offer for the security deposit to pay two months' worth of rent if you would like to take some of the financial burden off of you at move in.

House sharing

In response to the demands of single people who want to share an apartment with other people, such as friends, UR housing offers a house sharing system that allows you to live with other people who are not family members. Any non-corporate individuals can apply for this system if you follow the set procedures, and people of all ages are welcome to apply for this system. We encourage you to take advantage of this system if you wish to reduce the monthly rent or consider some urgent countermeasures.

Free rent

During the campaign period, this system allows you to receive free rent for one month. There are limited numbers of properties that are qualified for this system, however, it is recommended for those who wish to reduce the initial costs of move in substantially.

Relaxation of income requirements

The criteria for tenant screening also involve the amount of savings. Therefore, it is advantageous for those who have a specific amount of savings. Also, you may set your mind at ease if you do not have a steady income after retirement. For your information, the criterion of savings has been set to more than 100 times the monthly rent of the property of your choice.

Lump-sum payment of rent, etc.

Monthly rent and the monthly fee for common areas account for a substantial portion of the household budget. To ease the burden, UR housing allows tenants to make an advanced payment in a lump sum and offers discounted rent, offering the advantages of reducing the financial burden in a comprehensive manner.


Today, people's lifestyles have become diversified in Japan, and there is a growing trend of multi-habitation in which people living in urban areas reside in apartments primarily during the weekdays and retreat to dwellings in rural areas on the weekends. For UR housing, there are some properties that allow tenants to lease property as a weekend house. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

Leasing multiple units

There are some UR apartments that allow lessees to sign a lease for family members (includes a person aged 18 and older) as a tenant. Using this system, students can also live in a UR apartment.

Carryover security deposit and simplified paperwork

When moving from a UR apartment to another UR apartment, UR housing allows tenants to carry over the remaining balance of the security deposit to a new apartment after deduction of the burden charge required at the time of vacating an apartment, such as the cost of restoring the room to its original condition. Additionally, some of the paperwork can also be omitted, minimizing the financial and mental burden associated with the process. However, there are some conditions to be met in order to use this system. Please ask for more details.

Use of corporate housing (corporate lease)

There is a number of UR housing units that can be used as corporate housing .If you would like to apply for UR housing for corporate housing, please feel free to inquire as different types of paperwork are required than that for personal use.

Privileged UR apartments for households with small children and the elderly, etc.

There is some UR housing available only for households with small children, elderly persons, and persons with disabilities. Those who are qualified are asked to put in an application to be accorded privileged treatment during the period set by the Urban Renaissance Agency. Please contact us for more details.

* Please note that the duration of move-in specials may differ depending on areas.

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